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Car Bows

  • Showroom Velvet Bow Showroom Velvet Bow

    Showroom Velvet Bow

    Universal bow for showrooms, offices, storefronts, and more! For indoor and outdoor use.  Great for outside on your vehicle front line.  Never lays flat and holds shape. 18" wide x 34" long.  3D design.  Attaches...

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  • Commercial Car Bow Commercial Car Bow

    Commercial Car Bow

    The industry's LARGEST car bow, now available for everyone! MADE IN THE U.S.A. High quality 50" giant bow. Indoor and outdoor use. Each bow has a soft, non-scratch magnetic base. Made of high quality weather resistant, weatherproof vinyl. No assembly...

    $371.00 - $499.00
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  • Velvet 30" Car Bow Velvet 30" Car Bow

    Velvet 30" Car Bow

    Have a Velvet Bow for Every Occasion! Our Best Selling Giant JUM-BOW Car Bow now in Velvet! 30" wide with two 30" long x 4 1/2 wide tails. This Velvet JUM-BOW is perfect for that showroom car or any highlighted vehicle. No Assembly required. Soft...

    MSRP: $51.52
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  • Holiday Pull Car Bow

    Holiday Pull Car Bow

    Bring the holidays to your windshields. Ships flat, just pull the string and create your bow in a flash! Conveniently ties to a suction cup for use on a vehicle windshield or use them to decorate the showroom, office cubicles or any large gift worthy of...

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  • Premium Red Car Bow

    Premium Red Car Bow

    This beautiful car bow is in stock and ready to ship! Glossy fire red on the outside and silver embossed on the inside. This car bow is also reversible, changing to embossed silver on the outside and fire red on the inside. The perfect bow for your...

  • Holiday Bow Windshield Decal

    Holiday Bow Windshield Decal

    Dress up your inventory for the Holidays with these Adhesive Holiday Bow Windshield Decals. Simply add to a windshield and make a car instantly look like a gift or combine with other windshield merchandising elements! Each Bow 10.25" tall x 14" wide...

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  • Large Shiny Car Bow

    Large Shiny Car Bow

    This item has been discontinued. Decorate your vehicles. Perfect for the holidays and other special occasions. Made of durable, flexible, weather resistant foam covered with a shiny, reinforced foil like material. Each bow has 4 large suction cups ( 1...

  • Custom JUM-BOWS

    Custom JUM-BOWS

    Now you can customize your JUM-BOWS! No minimum. America's Original and Best Selling Giant Magnetic Car Bow on the Market! Decorate your Showroom or Frontline with these Giant Holiday Bows. Great for Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations or any...

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